Huni has been around the block. Started off his career truly with Fnatic, dominating Europe for everyone to see back in 2015 with a great deep Worlds run too. Then he went to NA, seemed to dominate that region in the regular split, but when it came to playoffs, no such luck. But his momentum was still great, so he went to Korea and played for legendary SKT. had a great year, and was runner up in Worlds. But this is where his career took a sharp turn.

He went back to NA, this time, just barely scraping more wins than losses. Next two years he continued to play in NA and his results got worse. Even played for the Academy team for a while. And now when his 2020 Results were some of the worst in his career, he was picked up by TSM, hopefully to resurrect his career and give him his mojo back.

League of Legends Infographic: Huni