Ghost is an interesting ADC player, kind of under the radar, but maybe not so much recently. He joined the big leagues in 2016 and played for CJ Entus. His team struggled, he wasn’t that good.

In 2017 he moved to BBQ Olivers with pretty much horrible results again. Then in 2018, we saw a bit of an improvement in his play and in his team performance overall.

2019 was magic. Ghost all of a sudden started showing up and performing really well with his team in one of the most competitive environments in the world.

2020 Was the year Ghost truly started to shine with his new team DAMWON. They dominated the regular season, went to worlds and won it all. At 21 years of age, it seems like this player just rose to fame and glory over a few years and his whole career is in front of him. Very curious what time will show.

League of Legends Infographic: Ghost