G2 Esports became just the face of Europe for the last few years. Ever since they came together as Gamers2, Europe knew they had the potential to be big, but it really took them to rebrand to G2 Esports to truly take off. Picking up PerkZ helped a lot. He was there for most of G2 dominance only recently departing.

This time I wanted to include some extra trivia stats to the infographic.

Also, included coaches, which G2 had two over the years, YoungBuck and GrabbZ.

After following their career, it's incredible to watch how dominant this team really is, even worldwide. Improving basically every year. Dominating the region home too (well, except 2018), keeps me asking the question, are they limited only by the competition? If anyone could really push them back home, would they have a better chance winning it all some year?

I know one thing, it is hard to come closer to the world champion status, than G2 Esports came.

They are off to a great start for 2021, only losing a few games here and there currently at first place in the LEC going into the playoffs looking very strong.

League of Legends Infographic: G2 Esports