Doinb is having a year of his life. The performance of this player improved a lot and everyone fears him right now. Even after a surprising loss to EDG in the playoffs, FPX are still considered one of the favorites to win Worlds. The only issue is, this year's Worlds is stacked. Doinb not only would have to perform as good internationally as he did domestically, but he would have to beat the likes of Faker, true veterans of Worlds. Doinb on the other hand, only been to worlds once in 2019, he won first place.

Overall, incredible stats, incredible year for this player. Just proving Korean mid laners are on another level.

Doinb also has 4 official pentakills. You can watch them below:

2020 03 17 - Kassadin

2020 04 25 - Ryze

2021 04 05 - Viktor

2021 06 26 - Lee Sin

League of Legends Infographic: FPX Doinb