Fnatic is one of the best known esports organizations in the entire world. No wonder they are one of the most accomplished teams in League of Legends too.

From the very start of League of Legends esports, Fnatic was a name to be afraid of.

Very first World Championship, Fnatic took first place. And while missing two world championships over the last decade, they have quite a few very high finishes under their belt.

Back in Europe, they have been very dominant in LEC (formerly EULCS).

Fnatic won 7 splits entirely. And they did not finish in top3 only ONCE during almost a decade the league has been active.

When G2 Esports began dominating the region, Fnatic seemed to silently wait in the 2nd spot in Europe. And who knows what will happen now when they lose Rekkles, their most famous ADC that was the backbone of the team.

Fnatic are trying to reinvent themselves now with a few new players and it seems to be working out so far.

League of Legends Infographic: Fnatic