Well, this one was interesting to make. No doubt one of the most colorful players in LEC right now. Quickly becoming the face of Fnatic after Rekkles left and trying to fill quite big shoes and become the carry Fnatic can rely on.

I actually was very surprised to realize Bwipo is quite young and new to the scene. For some reason it seemed he was playing for years and years.

Well, he started his career playing in TCL for a very short while, then in LCL and only then joined Fnatic in LEC. Bwipo attended worlds all three years after he joined Fnatic. Finishing in 2nd place in 2018 and 5-8th in 2019 and 2020.

And before anyone asks, Bwipo has ONE competitive game on Riven with a KDA of 20.

It is becoming very exciting to watch Fnatic play over the last few weeks and I am becoming a fan of Bwipo. Him being only 22 years old, we might just see the rise of the next EU superstar Top Laner.

League of Legends Infographic: Fnatic Bwipo