Scout will compete at Worlds this year with EDward Gaming as first seed from China. He started his pro career in SK Telecom T1 back in 2015 and played one game in LCK, he lost that game. After that, he moved to China, joined EDG and played there for more than 5 years. Making a name for himself and just constantly being solid.

He is not considered the best or the most notable player, but he keeps being solid for his team. In 2021, EDG just started winning a lot of games and seem to have improved a lot. Not many people expected them to beat FPX in the finals for first seed spot too, but they did. It will be really interesting to see how well they fare in Worlds this year. The previous performances did not go that well, finishing 5-8th place in Worlds 2016, 12-13th in 2017 and 5-8th in 2018. Been a while since EDG and Scout competed at the biggest stage.

League of Legends Infographic: EDG Scout