GOSU.AI Brings you an infographic about Broxah this time. A player that received quite a bit of hate from the community over the recent year. Even making his own video addressing that hate. I do agree that the sentiment about Broxah was definitely unjustified.

So I wanted to highlight his results, his journey, which is not very long, he is still relatively new to the scene. But he did accomplish a lot already. Broxah played a few smaller teams before joining Fnatic Academy in 2016. In just 4 short years, he moved to main roster of Fnatic. Competed in Worlds multiple years, coming in second once! He then joined TL and went to conquer NA. Went to worlds again. And now he joined CLG.

Definitely a great jungler that the EU can be proud of. And I would bet his best results are still ahead of him.

League of Legends Infographic: Broxah