Continuing the series of creating infographics of retired players. This week we take a look at Bjergsen. Not the first infographic we did about this iconic player. His legacy in League of Legends will not be forgotten.

He has 5 official pentakills. I can tell you a story about one of them, his very first and only one that came from Europe. He was too young to play at the start of the very first split of EU LCS in Spring 2013. So their team was down 0:8 before Bjergsen could come play his first game on stage. I was unlucky enough to be on the team that was in his way (Against All Authority). I was also the last to die in that pentakill Bjergsen got. On his very first game in EU LCS. On Syndra, champion he played the most during his whole career.

Other than that story how I came to know who Bjergsen was, after a while he transferred to NA and made the region his own.

We include his most played Champion Top5. Syndra being the first, his signature Zilean being fifth.

His highest KDA champions and lowest ones. Also including his phenomenal results in LCS and very mediocre results at the International Stage.

One of the greats of League of Legends, Bjergsen:

League of Legends Infographic: Bjergsen Stats