Bang retired recently, so I thought this would be a great opportunity to sum his career up a bit in a very small infographic. Also one of the commenters requested this player, so here we are! Bang had a long and interesting career. He started up playing for NaJin Shield and Xenics Blast in the first few splits of the Korean league.

His true and actually only success came when he joined SKT. At first he joined the SK Telecom T1 1 team, which was shortly renamed to SK Telecom T1 S. After a few splits, SK Telecom T1 was formed with members from both teams, so Bang made it in too. Then his career really took off. Victory after victory and global dominance. And then came the fall of SKT in 2018, they did not make it to worlds and after the season Bang left to play in NA. He joined up 100 Thieves and took 10th place in NA in Spring. Then he took 8th place in Summer. After that he played for Evil Geniuses with slightly better results, taking 3th and 5-6th place in Spring and Summer of 2020.

In 2021, he went back to Korea and played for Afreeca Freecs, took 9th place and hasn't played since. I never really followed his career up close and I might get some details wrong, but it really seems that SKT was the only team Bang was truly able to shine.

League of Legends Infographic: Bang