Greetings, 2021 LEC Season is approaching rapidly. With all the player movement from team to team, decided to do a very simple graphic to show the rosters of European teams as they stand currently.

Astralis - Got a lot of changes, most of the league. Changed the name from Origen and now with 4 new players in the active roster.

Excel Esports - Mid and Jungle change. Two very important roles that might change the way the team plays the game.

FC Schalke 04 - Mid and Jungle change. I am seeing a pattern here. Same as Excel, might see a lot different approach to the game when organization changes players in key roles.

Fnatic - New mid laner, new ADC and a big shakeup for Fnatic. They won't have Rekkles after so many years. Will be curious to see how they will look in the upcoming season.

G2 Esports - A team with most talked about player change, but with least roster changes out of any team in LEC. Rekkles replaces Perkz in the ADC role.

MAD Lions - New Top and Jungle, rest stayed the same.

Misfits Gaming - I actually do not really know the starting roster of Misfits right now. They have two new top laners, a new mid lane and a new support, which makes them have two. They will have to submit an official LEC roster soon though.

Rogue - Top and Support got changed. Others stayed the same. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them remain solid without a huge shift in game-style.

SK Gaming - A ton of new players. 4 changes same as Astralis. A completely new team basically.

Team Vitality - Just one change in the top lane.

League of Legends Infographic: 2021 Team Rosters