For this week, I wanted to see who are the highest rated players in the solo queue. I took a look into a few regions and here are the results:


1st - AST MagiFelix

2nd - Lathyrus

3rd - Blοws a bit

In the first place, MagiFelix from Astralis. Two champions with most games on his account. Neeko (86 games 63% win rate) and Twisted Fate (68 games 68% win rate)

Second place, Lathyrus. Bard OTP. From season 5, he has Bard as most played champion every single year. This season - Lathyrus has 278 games played on Bard with 60% win rate. His second most played champion is Maokai with 61 games and 46% win rate.

Third place, Blows a bit. A support player with a lot of different champions, mainly tanks + Seraphine. Rell as his most played champion at 86 games and 63% win rate. Second place, Thresh 54 games played - 61% win rate.

Now let's take a look at top50 challengers in Europe. And top10, by role. In the TOP 50, a lot more balanced than I would expect With a couple more support players.

Top 10 list however, 4 support players, 4 mid players and 2 junglers. No ADC or Top representatives at the moment.

North America

1st - My Dream LCS

2nd - From Iron

3rd - FG Bugi

In the first place, My Dream LCS. Jungle main, playing mostly three champions this season. Nidalee - 60 games, 65% win rate. Taliyah - 46 games 78% win rate. Lillia 44 games 64% win rate.

Second place, From Iron. Support playing a ton of Rell - 97 games 72% win rate. Basically as most high elo supports, mostly tanks and seraphine.

Third place, FG Bugi. Another Jungler, playing Viego (43 games 53% win rate) and Lee Sin (30 games 60% win rate) Even though his champion pool seems to be a lot bigger, they all have very few games played.

Now let's look at TOP 50 and TOP 10 players in the challenger sorted by Role.

In the Top50, Jungle is dominating while other roles are quite balanced, with the exception being Mid. Almost NO mid players in the top50 challenger in NA. No wonder they import all the best ones from the EU.

The TOP10 story doesn't change much. Dominated by Jungle completely. 6 junglers and 1 of each other role.


1st - T1 Cuzz

2nd - 담원기아김동하 (Khan from Damwon)

3rd - Luv Letterr

In the first place, Cuzz, Jungler from T1. Most played Nidalee 52 games 65% win rate. Udyr 41 games 61% win rate.

In second place, Khan from Damwon. Top laner who did not play a ton of games on this account at least. But has Jayce at 24 games - 50% win rate. Gragas 21 games - 62% win rate and Sylas - 19 games 68% win rate.

Third - Luv Letterr. Another jungler who plays a ton of games on a ton of champs. His most favourite however is Talyah - 85 games 68% win rate. Followed by Nidalee 61 games 56% win rate.

And now let's take a look at Korean TOP50 and TOP10 challengers based by role.

In the TOP50, Jungle is dominant followed by support. Other roles seem quite equally balanced out.

TOP10 however, is absolutely dominated by Junglers. With 0 Mid players.