Kennen was released in 2010 04 08, exactly eleven years ago. And to my surprise, he wasn’t really changed ever since. He has the same abilities as the day he was released. But obviously, he was buffed and nerfed a lot of times.

Kennen currently has 8 skins, with the latest one - Infernal Kennen - being released 265 days ago 16-July-2020

Kennen Trivia:

  • In Dutch & German, kennen means "to be familiar with".
  • His dance references a breakdance move - Airflare
  • Kennen shares the same dance with Camille and a very similar breakdance move with Vayne.
  • Kennen used to have a special passive (alongside other Ninja champions in the game) that would reduce his hit-points by one, for every other ninja on your team.
  • Kennen voice actor’s name is Kumiko Watanabe
  • Kennen Brazillian voice actor is Luísa Palomanes, who also voiced Evelynn
  • Kennen is 78.7cm tall and weighs 13.6kg.
  • Karate Kennen skin is a reference to the movie Karate Kid.
  • Swamp Master Kennen skin is a reference to Yoda from Star Wars.
  • Deadly Kennen skin is a reference to Deadpool.
  • Kennen, Akali and Shen are members of Kinkou Order. The order is dedicated to preserve a balance between the physical world and the spirit realm, without showing a preference to either.
  • Kennen was one of Akali’s mentors teaching her shuriken techniques, and emphasizing speed and agility over strength.
  • The Kinkou Order are at war with Zed and his Order of Shadows.

Kennen pick/win rate in competitive play:

2015 - 119 games 54.6% win rate.

2016 - 74 games 47.3% win rate.

2017 - 264 games 43.6% win rate.

2018 - 102 games 48% win rate.

2019 - 305 games 46.2% win rate.

2020 - 182 games 52.2% win rate.

2021 - 23 games 34.8% win rate.

In 2021 competitive play, he was picked: