I love writing these articles on the champions birthdays. This time it's Graves. Released on October 19th, 2011. Graves is 10 years old! Let's go over some trivia and competitive history.


  • Graves was created to appease playerbase requests for a “manly” ranged carry.
  • Graves is voices by Kyle Hebert
  • During development he was codenamed Gunslinger
  • Original Graves artwork was changed due to having a cigar.
  • Graves and Twisted Fate were partners in crime for many years according to the lore.
  • Graves has 11 skins. Latest being released 94 days ago. (as of 2021 10 25 )

Competitive History:

2015: 252 games 47.2% win rate

Back in 2015, the data started being tracked and archived. So this is as far as we can go with the competitive history of champions. Immediately we can see, Graves was pretty popular, with over 250 games played. Most played by LGD Gaming imp - 17 games 52.9% win rate.

2016: 590 games 45.4% win rate

The year Graves was most popular, even though the win rate wasn’t great, he was contested in a lot of games. Most notable player with quite a bit more games than the rest of the players was Vici Gaming DanDy - 36 games 38.9% win rate. In second place Team WE Condi - 28 games 71.4% win rate.

2017: 477 games 43% win rate

Slight drop in popularity and win rate. Actually the win rate dropped so much that it seems that players still liked graves either from habit or some area of the game he was strong in, ignoring that he isn’t really the best. Most played by G2 Esports Trick - 19 games 63.2% win rate.

2018: 110 games 51.8% win rate

A huge drop in popularity, but a huge rise in win rate. Probably makes sense, most players who didn’t find a lot of success with this champion - gave up. Only the true veterans of Graves held on. Most played by JD Gaming Clid - 7 games 71.4% win rate.

2019: 2 games 0% win rate

Well, Graves took a vacation this year. Only showing his face twice and losing both games. He was played by Clutch Gaming Lira and Team Vitality Mowgli.

2020: 427 games 49.1% win rate

Immediately after that vacation, Graves came back with a vengeance. Lots of games and a great win rate. Most played by: LGD Gaming Peanut - 20 games 70% win rate and Team WE beishang - 20 games 55% win rate.

2021: 243 games 42.8% win rateYear isn’t over yet, but Graves is liked quite a bit, even as a flex pick. His win rate is all-time lowest out of any year except the vacation year. Most played by Nongshim RedForce Peanut - 17 games 58.8% win rate and DWG KIA Canyon - 15 games 93.3% win rate.