The day Gnar was released. 6 years ago 2014-08-14 ! And I decided to write a small and short article, covering some trivia and competitive play the champion received over the years.


  • Gnar has 7 total skins to his name! Last one being Astronaut Gnar released on 28-May-2020
  • There are only 5 champions in the game, who have ranged and melee attacks - Gnar, Jayce, Nidalee, Kayle, Elise. (We can maybe include Samira now too, since her attack changes as she gets close, but she is not really a melee attack)
  • Gnar has two champion portraits - Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar. The only other champion in the game who also has two portraits is Quinn ( Valor when she is flying )

Competitive History

2015 - 622 games 50.8% win rate

A great year for Gnar. Played and loved by almost a 100 different players. With some playing him a lot. Truly, from the start, Gnar was played a ton.

Top Gnar players in 2015:

Looper - 27 games 37% win rate

Flandre - 27 games 63% win rate

MaRin - 26 games 69.2% win rate

2016 - 267 games 48.2% win rate

As expected with Riot, after a champion been played for a lot, he receives some nerfs and people play him less or with a lesser win rate. But what happened was that Gnar got buffed in patch 6.5 and then later in 6.13 during 2016. Later in patch 6.18 he got nerfed. So he was pretty strong when people picked him, but his win rate decreased since last year. Players and teams got better at playing around his mega-gnar rage bar.

Top Gnar players in 2016:

Impact - 21 games 57.1% win rate

MaRin - 21 games 52.4% win rate

Ssumday - 16 games 68.8% win rate

2017 - 264 games 51.1% win rate.

Slightly buffed in a few patches over the year. With big buffs later in the year. Overall play rate stayed the same, but win rate increased by almost 3% since last year.

Top Gnar players in 2017:

sOAZ - 16 games 87.5% win rate

Phaxi - 15 games 60% win rate

Alphari - 13 games 61.5% win rate

2018 - 515 games 47% win rate

Year Gnar got played a lot again. Almost as much as in 2015. But his win rate greatly suffered. Maybe the players who decided to try him were not the most experienced. Maybe teams got better at dealing with him. But nevertheless, Gnar was a very popular pick during 2018.

Top Gnar players in 2018:

957 - 27 games 51.9% win rate

CuVee - 25 games 76% win rate

Smeb - 23 games 69.6% win rate

2019 - 78 games 55.1% win rate.

What a sad year for Gnar. Some other top laners became very popular. Urgot, Sion, Aatrox, kennen. A lot of champions became way more popular. But when Gnar was played, he performed really well, with the highest win rate ever.

Top Gnar players in 2019:

Vizicsacsi - 11 games 63.6% win rate

CuVee - 9 games 44.4% win rate

ADD - 7 games 71.4% win rate

2020 - 59 games 49.2% win rate
Even though Gnar was buffed and changes slightly over 2019, he did not receive enough love to warrant players picking him. Meta changed and Aatrox, Sett were top picks when teams needed aggressive top laners. People picked Ornn when they needed a tank. There was simply no place for gnar. But he was still played a very modest amount of games.

Top Gnar players in 2020:

ikssu - 7 games 14.3% win rate

TheShy - 5 games 100% win rate

Zoom - 5 games 60% win rate

2021 - .481 games 49.3% win rate.

This year Gnar felt that taking a vacation for a few years was enough. Time to go back to the rift. Players pick him often, even though his win rate is not the highest it ever was, it is good enough to be loved by a lot of teams.

Top Gnar players in 2021:

Summit - 26 games 57.7% win rate

Xiaohu - 24 games 66.7% win rate

Hoya - 22 games 36.4% win rate