Bdd started off his career in 2016 and played for CJ Entus. First as a substitute with little playtime, then with the main roster. Their results were, well, horrible. Almost dead last in Spring and actually dead last in Summer of 2016. In 2017 CJ Entus tried to qualify for Spring and failed. But Bdd was picked up by Longzhu Gaming and the results were incredible. First place immediately in the Summer split. Worlds attendance and a pretty deep run.

Later on Bdd played for Kingzone DragonX and KT Rolster. Some good results, some bad. Especially in 2019, a very rough patch for Bdd when he was in KT Rolster. But currently he is playing for Gen.G and results are promising. Strong team with potential at Worlds.

And a champion to note, Taliyah. 41 games 75.6% winrate with 9.7 KDA. Not many players have any champions with so many games and these stats.

League of Legends: Gen.G Bdd