Brand new LEC season is almost upon us. With some old faces and some new faces. New rosters and new drama in the upcoming battle. No secret to anyone that Europe didn’t have a great year competitively in 2021. So everyone will try to rebuild and rebrand and find some magic. Let's go over the teams and their compositions real quick. We will not go into very detailed lists and history of every player though. Our other articles and infographics will do that job, this one is meant to introduce our readers quickly, about who will actually play in the upcoming League of Legends European Championship.


Top - WhiteKnight

Jungle - Zanzarah

Mid - Dajor

Adc - Kobbe

Support - promisq

New Mid laner and Adc to replace MagiFelix and Jeskla. Astralis took 7-8th place during the 2021 Summer split.


Top - Finn

Jungle - Markoon

Mid - Nukeduck

Adc - Patrik

Support - Advienne

Excel used to have two players in the jungle - Dan and Markoon, seems that they decided on one of them. Same with support, they had denyk and Advienne, now only one is left. Also Excel has a brand new Top laner, Finn took the place of Kryze.

Excel placed 7-8th place during Summer split of 2021.


Top - Wunder

Jungle - Razork

Mid - Humanoid

Adc - Upset

Support - Hylissang

Pretty much a new Fnatic team with an old feel. Upset and Hylissang saved their spots while Top, Jungle and Mid got replaced. Adam, Bwipo and Nisqy got replaced by Wunder, Razork and Humanoir respectively. Fnatic placed 5th place during the 2021 Summer Split.

G2 Esports

Top - Broken Blade

Jungle - Jankos

Mid - Caps

Adc - Flakked

Support - Targamas

Probably the most rebuilt team of the year. G2 Esports Replaced Wunder in top lane with Broken Blade. Also replaced both lane combo of Rekkles and Mikyx with Flakked and Targamas. The only previous year players that are left are Jankos and Caps. The legendary duo at this point. It will be very interesting to see if G2 Esports can reclaim the title of Kings of Europe. G2 Esports placed 2nd during the 2021 Summer Split.

MAD Lions

Top - Armut

Jungle - Elyoya

Mid - Reeker


Support - Kaiser

MAD Lions replaced their previous mid laner Humanoid with Reeker and their Adc Carzzy with UNF0RGIVEN. MAD finished in 3rd place during 2021 Summer split. They were on a rise and dominated when they felt like it. Maybe this year is their year, maybe they will never reach the top of the mountain again. But it will be interesting to see if UNF0RGIVEN will channel Forg1ven or not.

Misfits Gaming

Top - HiRit

Jungle - Shlatan

Mid - Vetheo

Adc - Neon

Support - Mersa

Misfits have a new jungler, Razork was replaced by Shlatan. And a new bot lane. Kobbe and Vander got replaced by Neon and Mersa. Quite a rebuild, 3 new players. Misfits finished in 4th place during the 2021 Summer Split.


Top - Odoamne

Jungle - Malrang

Mid - Larssen

Adc - Comp

Support - Trymbi

First place winner of 2021 Summer Split - Rogue are going into this year with a few changes of their own. First of all, the new jungler, Malrang replaced Inspired.

Also, Hans Sama was replaced by Comp. So new ADC and Jungler, two roles that might just give Rogue what was missing. Their stability during the regular split was never put in question, but their performance during playoff series always showed glaring weaknesses that other teams managed to exploit most of the time.

SK Gaming

Top - Jenax

Jungle - Gilius

Mid - Sertuss

Adc - Jezu

Support - Treatz

So SK Gaming is trying a different strategy. Role swap. Treatz went from Jungle to Support. While Gilius is their new Jungler. Sertuss is a new Mid laner. I do not think this will work or be enough. SK Gaming took 9th place during the 2021 Summer Split.

Team Vitality

Top - Alphari

Jungle - Selfmade

Mid - Perkz

Adc - Carzzy

Support - Labrov

Team Vitality, who placed in 6th place during the 2021 Summer Split are back with vengeance. Perkz came back from NA and is ready for revenge. Team Vitality might just go all the way, because if there is one thing I learned from watching Perkz play over the years, any team that has Perkz - wins. Vitality also has a new Adc, Crownshot was replaced by Carzzy.

Team BDS

Top - Adam

Jungle - Cinkrof


Adc - xMatty

Support - LIMIT

Schalke 04 Esports sold their LEC spot, so we have a new team in the league - Team BDS. They got a team comp that is a complete coin toss. No one is really sure what will happen here. They seem to have a solid staff and some, now experienced, players. They might actually challenge the top3, but most likely I predict somewhere in the middle. 4-7th place at least during spring.