The spider queen - Elise was released on the 26th of October, 2012. She is 9 years old! This is a small write-up on how well she did over the years competitively. Also some fun trivia, as always.


  • She was the first champion to have a monologue during her login screen.
  • She is one of only a few champions who have their ultimate access at level 1.
  • One of only three champions who can transform before level 6. (Others being Jayce and Nidalee )
  • Elise is voices by Sydney Rainin-Smith
  • During development, she was called Spider Queen.
  • Elise has 6 skins, with the last being released 365 days ago.

Competitive History:

2015: 225 games 51.3%

Most notable players for the first year the data started being tracked: Origen Amazing - 12 games 75% win rate. SK Telecom T1 Bengi - 11 games 100% win rate. And then in third place - Invictus Gaming KaKAO - 10 games, 40% win rate. A drastic difference in win rates, but definitely a solid pick in 2015.

2016: 752 games 47.6%

A great year for Elise with the amount of games, very few champions ever see in a year.

Most played by KT Rolster’s Score - 36 games 63.9% win rate and ROX Tigers Peanut - 30 games 83.3% win rate.

2017: 615 games 52.2% win rate.

Fewer games, but the win rate skyrocketed. Still one of the most played champions in 2017. Most played by: Fnatic Broxah - 24 games 62.5% win rate. MVP Beyond - 24 games 50% win rate.

2018: 31 games 51.6% win rate.

As often happens, the champion goes to really, really contested death in a year. Riot nerfed the Spider Queen, buffed other champions, and her popularity dropped. Still picked by a few players. Most played by three players with identical stats. 3 games and 66.7% win rate each. Schalke 04 Memento, Hanwha Life Esports SeongHwan and Phoenix1 MikeYeung.

2019: 199 games 53.3% win rate.

A bit more games and the highest ever win rate. Even if you try to keep this champion down, Elise just finds a way. SK Telecom T1 Clid played her the most, 16 games with a 75% win rate. And FunPlus Phoenix Tian played her 14 games with a 78.6% win rate. Incredible numbers still, so many years and bumpy patches later.

2020: 167 games 46.7% win rate.

A massive drop in win rate, but almost the same amount of games since previous year.

Two players played her 10 games and are at the top of Elise players in 2020.

Hanwha Life Esports Haru - 10 games 40% win rate.

KT Rolster bonO - 10 games 50% win rate.

2021:4 games 75% win rate.

Elise is hiding this year, with the least amount of games in half a decade with nearly no chances for being picked till the end of the season.

Four players played with her this year: CLG Broxah, JD Gaming Kanavi and KT Rolster Bonnie all won a game with her. Top Esports Karsa - lost the only game he played.