Darius was released 9 years ago on 2012 05 23. 9 years of ups and downs and this is just another part of a somewhat in-depth review of champions in the League of Legends universe.

League of Legends: Darius Competitive Performance

Over these 9 years, Darius received 9 skins. Latest being released 2021 02 04. Lunar Beast Darius.

And now let's take a look closer at the champion. His performance in competitive play over the years and some of his notable plays.

Competitive Performance

There is no reliable way to track data before 2015, where the data started being tracked and catalogued. So our stats will also start from that year.

2015 - 39 games 51.3% win rate

Most games were played by Ziv from ahq eSports Club - 6 games. (33.3% win rate)

Second most, was by Balls from Cloud9 - 5 games (40% win rate)

It needs to be noted, that most - 38 games of the 39 were played during Worlds 2015. And with a beautiful pentakill from Balls on the main stage:

2016 - 1 game 0% win rate.

This definitely wasn't the best year for Darius. Only played once by AmazingJ from I May

2017 - 3 games 66.7% win rate.

AmazingJ from I May tried to play darius twice more, this time a bit better success with 50% win rate. And Robo from RED Canids won his only game as champion that year.

2018 - 119 games 43.7% win rate.

The year of Darius revival. Even though his win rate was still not the best, he saw a ton more gameplay at the competitive scene. Mostly in LPL and LCK with 49 and 40 games respectively. He was also played once in Worlds Play-In stage and had a spectacular finish to the game getting his first kill as the nexus was exploding. There is still the VOD here:

He was played most that year by Thai from SK Telecom T1 - 10 games 20% win rate.

Second most by Kiin from Afreeca Freecs - 9 games 55.6% win rate and Aodi from Vici gaming - 9 games 44.4% win rate.

2019 - 7 games 57.1% win rate.

Ironically, back to very few games played, but the highest win rate Darius has seen so far.

Most of the games came from Summit from Liiv SANDBOX - 2 games with 100% win rate.

2020 - 9 games - 11.1% win rate.

Followed by a year, with the lowest win rate Darius ever had, excluding 2016.

He was played by Thai from Seorabeol Gaming twice, with 0% win rate. And by Qingtian from Young Miracles twice, with 50% win rate. A few more players played him once and lost.

2021 - 4 games 75% win rate.

Optimistic year so far for Darius. BrokenBlade from Schalke 04 played him 3 times this year with a 66.7% win rate. And Robo from paiN Gaming played him once and won!.

Still quite a bit of time left in the year, but it doesn't seem like Darius would become very popular without any buffs.

Leagues Totals:

LPL - 56 games

LCK - 48 games

LEC - 10 games

LCS - 10 games