Thresh was released 2013 01 23. More than 8 years ago. The name itself is (most likely) a reference to a famous esports player Dennis Fong, who is considered to be the first Professional Gamer and pioneered the WASD movement in shooter games.

Thresh, as a champion in league of legends, has been around since the very first split of LCS back in 2013. Sadly the data for champions was not tracked back then, so we will only have data from 2015 and onwards. But Thresh truly was one of the most played supports ever in competitive play. But he, just like all champions, had his ups and downs over the years.


  • Thresh has 10 skins.
  • Thresh is one of 8 champions in the game that can stack a stat infinitely. (His passive - Damnation, increases Ability Power and Armor)
  • Thresh has a mini-quest in game, if Senna is on the opposite team.
  • Thresh is voiced by Mark Oliver.
  • Thresh is between 1050 - 1100 years old.

Competitive History

2015 - 834 games 51.8% win rate

Most played by Meiko - 37 games. Ella - 36 games and Lovecd - 34 games.

Meiko had an 81.1% win rate with Thresh over 37 games, which is almost unheard of.

2016 - 361 games 52.9% win rate

Most played by five - 25 games, Meiko - 19 games and x1u - 19 games.

Do you want to guess what winrate Meiko had this year with Thresh? He had a 94.7% win rate. Basically he lost once, out of 19 games. This is actually insane. He wasn't who played

2017 - 623 games 52.3% win rate

Most played by Mata - 21 games, Matt - 20 games and Biofrost - 20 games.

After a small bump in 2016, Thresh was represented massively again in competitive play in 2017. His win rate remained around 52% for three years straight.

2018 - 180 games 50.6% win rate

Most played by Jacktroll - 16 games, Mata and Key - 9 games each.

The year Thresh popularity and win rate decreased by quite a bit.

Health and Armor nerf in patch 7.22. But then he was slightly buffed in various patches. I do not think nerfs were the main reason he was less popular in 2018. Rakan was released a year earlier and was played a ton in 2018. Actually Rakan has never played more since 2018. Also, Pyke was released in the same year, he was played a bit too. Those reasons most likely contributed more to Thresh popularity dip than anything else.

2019 - 267 games 47.6% win rate

Most played by key - 19 games, Joker - 15 games and Norskeren - 14 games.

The year Thresh winrate fell below 50%. And quite far below it. Still more than double games than previous year, but results were not the best.  

2020 - 498 games 52.3% win rate

Most played by Ley - 26 games, Missing - 25 games and Crisp - 20 games.

Thresh back on top! Not only massive amounts of games were played, but the win rate jumped too, back to what it used to be at the beginning of his competitive career.

2021 - 239 games 49.8% win rate

Most played by CoreJJ - 10 games, Kellin and Keria - 9 games each.

Still a lot to be played this year, half of the Summer split and Worlds. Thresh is still very popular and basically at 50% win rate. Would be surprised if no one picked Thresh during worlds, considering how solid of a pick he is right now.