A small amount of trivia and background information. Akali was released on May 10th in 2010. She saw quite a few buffs and nerfs and changes over the years. Currently, she has 13 skins not counting the default one.

  • Akali’s dance is a reference to Single Ladies by Beyonce.
  • Akali is voiced by Laura Bailey, the same voice actor who voices Miss Fortune.
  • Akali is 19 years old, 163 cm height, according to the Runetera Lore.
  • Akali is also in a virtual pop band called K/DA we have written a separate article about that too:

Competitive History

Competitive scores for champions have been tracked and held since 2015, so we won't go further.

2015 - 0 competitive games played

2016 - Akali was played ONCE, by Wunder (team Splyce) in the EU LCS 2016 Summer. He lost that game after going 7/8/8 . No one else played that champion that year.

2017 - 7 total games. 42.9% win rate.

She was played once by Wunder, losing again. Twice by Kikis, most out of anyone. 50% win rate by him. Very few people tried to make Akali work, with limited success.

2018 - 57 games. 45.6% win rate.

The year Akali got some action. Maple from Suning played her the most - 8 games. But he only won 3 of them. While Scout from EDward Gaming played Akali 5 times and won all 5.

Even back in Europe, Perkz from G2 Esports played her 5 times, winning 4 games.

2019 - 411 games 54.7% win rate.

First time, Akali surpassed the 50% win rate and her playtime skyrocketed. More than 400 games were played.

She was loved by everyone, but most of all she was played by ShowMaker - 19 games with 63.2% win rate. Jensen came in second, with 17 games 64.7% win rate. Followed by Chovy and Faker playing her 14 times each. Chovy won 85.7% of his games, while Faker won 64.3%.

2020 - 121 games 54.5%

The fall for popularity, but not really her win rate. Still a very popular champion but not abusively broken. Old players abandoned her though, ShowMaker for example only played her twice, winning once. In 2020, Kiin played her the most of anyone, 9 games with a 55.6% win rate. Perkz played her 4 times, and won all 4 games.

2021 - 92 games 65.2%

The year is still young, but Akali is being played about the same as in 2020, but her win rate is way, way higher. Highest it has ever been. Everyone getting quadra kills, picking or banning the champion constantly.

We wrote an article recently about most popular and most contested champions in EU , NA and KR -

And Akali seems to be incredibly popular in EU and KR, less so in NA.