Cloud9 is a historic organization with great teams across disciplines. But we are interested only in their League of Legends roster. Currently updated and strengthened with Perkz.

League of Legends: Cloud 9

This is the first time Cloud9 are playing at MSI. They seemed to always win second place in Spring splits of LCS. Except 2020 and 2021. And we know that 2020 MSI was cancelled due to the pandemic. This is actually the first time we can cheer on C9 at an international tournament in the middle of the season. So far they are having a rough time though.

Current C9 Roster is pretty diverse

Fudge from Australia

Blaber from United States

Perkz from Croatia

Zven from Denmark

And Vulcan from Canada

Now, let's list out Cloud9’s results in LCS and Worlds over the years.

Cloud9 LCS Results:

4x Gold Medals, 6x Silver Medals, 1x Bronze Medal

Cloud9 had a very strong historic performance in the LCS apart a few splits here and there. But they seemed to never win Spring splits when MSI was happening. As noted earlier, this is the first time they are at MSI. other than that, C9 proved time after time that they can recruit and foster talent and create teams to win at home.

2013 Summer - 1st place

2014 Spring - 1st place

2014 Summer - 2nd place

2015 Spring - 2nd place

2015 Summer - 7th place

2016 Spring - 5-6th place

2016 Summer - 2d place

2017 Spring - 2nd place

2017 Summer - 5-6th place

2018 Spring - 5-6th place

2018 Summer - 2nd place

2019 Spring - 3rd place

2019 Summer - 2nd place

2020 Spring - 1st place

2020 Summer - 2nd place

2021 Spring - 1st place

Cloud9 Worlds Results:

Winning at home is a completely different story than winning at worlds though. But these results are definitely not bad. They have attended Worlds every year since inception of the team, except 2020. But this year their rosters seem for sure World contenders.

2013 - 5-8th

2014 - 5-8th

2015 - 9-11th

2016 - 5-8th

2017 - 5-8th

2018 - 3-4th

2019 - 9-12th

2020 - Did not qualify