According to “REALMS OF RUNETERRA” book the champions we play, actually have their heights, weights and lore detailed. For example, did you know that Aphelios Height is 1.82m? Anyway, I won't list every champion in the game, but will show you some cool trivia, you can talk with your friends about!

The shortest champions in the game are:

Yuumi - 0.66m

Veigar - 0.73m

Gnar (in his mini-form) - 0.73m

Lulu - 0.76m

Heimerdinger, Poppy, Rammus, Kled, Tristana, Teemo, Corki, Fizz, Rumple, Kennen, Ziggs are all below 1 meter.

Amumu, to my surprise, is 1.09m

On the other side, there are some really tall creatures in the League of Legends universe.

Tallest champions:

Malphite - 103.6m

Volibear - 81m

Ornn - 81m

Galio - 48.8m

Cho’Gath - 21.9m, increasing by 3.6m every stack.

Now we can look at weight too:

Yuumi is by far the smallest creature in the game. Her weight is 3.6kg.

Second place is shared by quite a few champions, Gnar, Heimerginder, Veigar, Kennen, Ziggs all weigh 11 kg.

There is one very heavy boy too and his name is Galio. 3719 tonnes. That is right, he weighs almost 4000 tonnes, which makes him able to fly up and land incredibly fascinating.

Nautilus weighs 27 tonnes.

Malphite - 18.

We can also list a few champions based by age:

There are a few champions that are really-really old.

For example Lissandra and Ivern are almost 10 000 years old

Vel’Koz - around 7-9 thousand years old

While Annie and Nunu are 8 years old. Ekko is 17. Akali - 19.

Random champions in the middle:

Jinx - 1.60m / 44 kg / 21 years old.

Sylas - 1.90m / 90kg / 25-31 years old.

Maokai- 6.7m / 4.9 tonnes / Prehistoric - no clear age, but mopre than 10 000 years old.

Miss Fortune - 1.67m / 54kg / 25-31 years old.

Lucian - 1.82m / 74kg / 33-35 yeras old.

Kai’Sa - 1.67m / 63kg / 20 years old.