There were a ton of champions reworked by Riot over the years. More than 150 reworks, smaller and bigger. Visual and Gameplay. In this article I want to pay some attention to some of the most notable champion reworks Riot has ever done.


League of Legends champion reworks

Kayle was reworked 3 times total. She was the very first champion to receive the treatment. Almost exactly 10 years ago. 2010 07 06. Most reworks got more than a few changes, but I will focus on one of her abilities.

Back in 2010, she got a new passive::

Holy Fervor (New Passive): 30% of Kayle's attack damage is added to her ability power and 15% of Kayle's ability power is added to her attack damage.

She then received another rework in 2011 07 25. Almost a year later. She got another new passive.

New Passive: Kayle's basic attacks against enemy champions now reduce their armor and magic resistance by 2% for 5 seconds. This stacks up to 5 times for a maximum of 10% reduction.

League of Legends champion reworks

Kayle last rework happened in 2019 03 16, it came in a duo-rework alongside Morgana. Kayle yet again received quite a few changes and a new passive: upon reaching levels 1, 6, 11, and 16, along with spending a skill point, Kayle ascends into a new form, gaining additional bonuses.

Kayle to this day is considered a champion whose rework failed. Seemingly left lacking, Kayle is still somehow played when you want to risk to get to a late game with her, but other than that, her pick rate and win rate are not that inspiring.


League of Legends champion reworks

The notoriously hardest champion to rework. Riot tried quite a few times and I suspect they are not happy with where he is right now. Ryze was the original mage champion released with the first inception of the game.

His first rework came in 2011 02 15. With his damage coming from having a big mana pool. Players built him as a tank with whatever items gave mana and were able to dish out tons of damage. He also received a new ultimate, that gave him a self-buff with extra AOE damage and ability power. His last remake was in 2016 07 13..

His title was changed to THE RUNE MAGE from THE ROGUE MAGE.

Ryze also received his iconic ultimate that allows his team to either end the game in epic backdoor fashion or to murder his whole team by teleporting them into the enemy team.


League of Legends champion reworks

Volibear is the latest champion rework from Riot games. I think it was one of the cooler and successful remakes. After being released on November 29th, 2011, Volibear was never really dominant or even played that much over the years, except a few excited mains here and there.

His model was a lot smaller and his ultimate gave him chain-lightning type auto attacks. Other than that he didn’t have much to offer. Right now, he is a mountainous beast, restoring glory to Freljord. With his tower disabling ultimate, menacing potential, he is considered top tier in Top and Jungle roles.


League of Legends champion reworks

Mordekaiser is a rough one. A champion with probably most known bugs in existence for a very long time, his reworks were met with anger at one point.

His first update came in 2010-11-01 then in 2015-08-26 and then last one in 2019-06-11.
He was played pretty much everywhere. At start he was known to just be pushing creep waves relentlessly with his health potion to start the game. He would generate a shield for dealing damage, that made him very hard to deal with for any mana users. You would simply run out of mana, before going through all of his health pots and shields. Later Mordekaiser was played bot, because he received extra experience even when laning with someone else.

He could have pets as killed dragons and destroy towers with them. Riot probably didn’t like it as much, because it put way too much pressure on dragon control in games where Mordekaiser was picked and he was reworked yet again.

League of Legends champion reworks

Currently, still a pretty good wave pushing champion with a shield he can cast on demand. Mordekaiser is a much more stable champion. He was actually so strong after his latest remake, he needed to be nerfed quite a bit to be considered at least somewhat balanced.