I like writing these small articles a lot. Every month there's a birthday of quite a few champions that were either out for years or just came out. Looking over the oldest champions in League who are still relevant today, is very interesting.

This month, Cassiopeia turned 11 years old. More than a decade passed since the release of the only champion in the game, who could not buy and wear boots. Without further adieu, let's go over some trivia and competitive history of this very prominent slivering snake.


  • Cassiopeia has 7 skins, with the last one being released 126 days ago.
  • Cassiopeia is voiced by Karen Strassman
  • Inspiration for this champion comes from Greek mythology, mythical disease and mythological creatures like Gorgon/Medusa.
  • Cannot buy or wear boots.
  • Cassiopeia is about 26-32 years old.
  • Cassiopeia has an older sister - Katarina.
  • Cassiopeia is a member of the Noxian noble house Du Couteau.

Competitive History

Since reliable competitive data started being tracked in 2015, this is where our list starts. Before that, it is anyone's guess.

2015: 167 games 52.7% win rate

Most played by KT Rolster Nagne - 11 games, 63.6% win rate.

Played once during Worlds 2015 by the same Nagne. Game ended in a loss.

2016: 134 games 50% win rate

Most played by Cloud9 Jensen - 16 games, 62.5% win rate.

Played 22 times during Worlds 2016 with a 36.4% win rate. During the tournament she was mostly played by Samsung Galaxy Crown, who played 5 games with 60% win rate.

2017: 364 games 54.4% win rate

Most played by Dignitas Keane - 22 games, 59.1% win rate. (Second place went to SK Telecom T1 Faker - 18 games, 83.3% win rate)

Cassiopeia was played 9 games during the Worlds 2017 main event. She had a 44.4% win rate. This was the best year Cassiopeia had. With most games played and highest win rate. After 2017 it was all slowly downhill for her.

2018: 169 games 53.3% win rate

Most played by Rogue Warriors Doinb - 11 games, 63.6% win rate.

Cassiopeia was played 3 games during Worlds 2018 main event. Perkz tried her twice and Uniboy once, all of the games resulted in a loss. This year however, wasn’t very bad for Cassiopeia, with fewer games and lower win rate than the peak year of 2017, but it was a pretty good year!

2019: 100 games 49% win rate

The first glimpses of doom for Cassiopeia. Amount of games dropped even lower and the win rate fell below 50%.

Most played by Dominus Esports Twila - 9 games 77.8% win rate.

Played 7 times during Worlds 2019 Main Event. She had a 42.9% win rate.

6 of those games were played as a mid laner, mostly by Fnatic Nemesis (3 games, 66.7%) and once as a Bot laner by Cloud9 Sneaky - 1 games, 1 loss.

2020: 89 games 46.1% win rate

This year was really bad for Cassiopeia. Fewer games than every year before and way lower win rate. During the year, mostly played by Dominus Esports Twila - 9 games, 33.3% win rate. Same player as last year, just with way worse results.

Cassiopeia was not picked during Worlds 2020 Main Event. But she was played twice during Play-Ins, with a 50% win rate.

2021: 20 games 30% win rate

Most played by Fnatic Nisqy - 4 games 50% win rate.

Was not picked during Worlds 2021.

The worst year in a decade for Cassiopeia. TIme can only tell what future holds for one of the oldest champions of league of legends.