Camille is turning 5 years old. She was released on the 7th of December, 2016. This top lane monster was released with an ability kit like no other. Hard champion with a ton of potential. Over the years, she never seemed to really disappear, played a lot, then a bit less, but always on every top laners mind. In this article, I will go through some of her Trivia and then Competitive History. How good was she really, over the years?


Camille has 4 skins, the last one being released over 200 days ago, 13th May of 2021.

  • Last patched on V11.21 (October 20th, 2021). Changes didn’t include much, her Precision Protocol now triggered spell effects on dealing damage.
  • Camille does not have any ability power ratio on any of her abilities
  • Camille is voiced by Emily O’Brien, who also voices Samira.
  • Camille was developed to fill a “diver” role at the time it was needed.

Competitive History:

2017: 283 games, 54.8% win rate

260 games as Top lane, 20 games as Support,  2 games as Mid Laner, 1 game as Jungle

Incredibly high win rate to start it off too.

An active debut year for Camille. With a lot of games in various roles. Mostly in the Top lane of course.

Once in the Jungle by Giants Gaming Memento - game ended up in a loss.

Twice as a Mid Laner by Fnatic Caps - one win, one loss.

Twenty games as a support, by various players, most notably Fnatic Jesiz, who played Camille 7 games and won 5 of them.

260 Games in the top lane, most played by Bilibili Gaming AmazingJ - 20 games, 65% win rate.

2018: 491 games, 53.2% win rate

255 games as Top lane, 235 games as Jungle, 1 game as Mid Lane.

Slightly lower win rate with a lot more games, Camille seems to be on top of everything.

A whole closer split in 2018 between Top and Jungle for Camille.

One game was played in the Mid lane by Splyce Nisqy, who lost that game.

In the Jungle, Camille was most played by Invictus Gaming Ning - 18 games, 83.3% win rate.

While as Top laner, Camille was most played by Kingzone DragonX Khan - 14 games 71.4% win rate.

2019: 228 games, 52.6% win rate

125 games in Top lane, 83 games in the Jungle, 20 games as Mid lane.

A bit of a drop in popularity and win rate for Camille, but still amazing results.

Most played in Mid Lane by none other than DAMWON Gaming ShowMaker - 4 games, 75% win rate. Also by Griffin Chovy - 4 games, 100% win rate.

In the Jungle, SANDBOX Gaming OnFleek played her 8 games, with a 75% win rate.

Top lane - Kingzone DragonX Rascal - 15 games, 73.3% win rate.

2020: 196 games, 56.6% win rate

192 games as Top lane, 2 games as Jungle, 2 games Mid lane.

Even though the year 2020 brought out the least of games played so far, the win rate is higher than it's ever been. It would be hard to find champions with a higher win rate over close to 200 games.

In Mid Lane, Camille was played by DRX Chovy, who lost their game and by EDward Gaming Gori, who won.

In the Jungle, she was played by Invictus Gaming Ning and LNG Esports Xx, with both players winning their games.

In the mid lane, she had two players, playing her 11 games each. DAMWON Gaming Nuguri and T1 Canna. Nuguri had an 81.8% win rate and Canna had 72.7%.

2021: 259 games, 52.9% win rate

258 games as Top lane. 1 game as Jungler.

2021 increased Camille’s popularity, but definitely decreased her versatility. Now strictly as Top laner, with only TSM Spica playing her in the jungle once and losing that game.

Camille was most played by Hanwha Life Esports Morgan - 15 games, 73.3% win rate.