Bjergsen is one of the most iconic players of League of Legends. He started off as a young rookie in the EU. Not being able to play due to not being old enough, he patiently waited in the very first season of EU LCS to be able to play. And in his very much anticipated entrance into the scene, he got a pentakill in his very first game.

After that, he quickly found home in NA. After joining a legendary organization called TSM. He played for that team for the majority of his career until retiring in 2020. Now, there are rumors, he might come back to professional play and everyone is waiting with anticipation to see which team he would play for. Maybe for his dear home-team TSM?

Looking at his career though, we can see streaks of dominance domestically, with quite poor showings internationally. This is probably the only feat Bjergsen would want to accomplish before truly retiring. It might be difficult to do though, seeing as how the NA region performs poorly internationally in recent years.

League of Legends Infographic: Bjergsen