Quite quickly after League of Legends gained popularity, leagues started up.

LCS was split into NALCS and EULCS (currently LCS / LEC). Korea opened up their own league LCK and China - LPL.

Secondary leagues started to accommodate the ever growing fan base all over the world.

In this short article, I wanted to visit a few regions and check out what were the most dominant and the absolute worst performances in those leagues and by what team.

League of Legends: Best and Worst league performances

First let's look at Europe. There were quite a few dominant results, namely by G2 Esports who went 15-3 three different times. That 15-3 score is quite magical, SK-Gaming and Fnatic had a result of 15-3 also in different splits. But the most dominant team, the only team that went undefeated the whole split was Fnatic. Back in 2015 Summer.

The worst performance in Europe was by Origen in the 2017 Spring. Who went 0-13

LEC Best

2015 Summer - Fnatic went 18-0

2015 Spring - SK-Gaming went 15-3

2016 Spring - G2 Esports went 15-3

2019 Summer - G2 went 15-3

2020 Spring - G2 went 15-3

LEC Worst

2017 Spring - Origen 0-13

2018 Summer - h2k went 2-16

2019 Spring - Rogue went 2-16

2020 Spring - Vitality went 2-16

2016 Summer - Giants went 3-15

League of Legends: Best and Worst league performances

Now let's shift our focus to North America. No team went undefeated there in regular splits. Cloud9 are in some of the best performances the region has seen back in 2013 and 2014. And they have one of the best scores recently in 2020 Spring, they went 17-1.

This score is not the only one of its kind, as Immortals and TSM went 17-1 also in 2016 Spring and Summer respectively. The worst performance back in 2015 Spring by Team Coast, tied with Echo Fox in 2016 Summer.

LCS Best

2016 Spring - Immortals went 17-1

2016 Summer - TSM went 17-1

2020 Spring - Cloud9 went 17-1

2013 Summer - Cloud9 went 25-3

2014 Spring - Cloud9 went 24-4

LCS Worst

2015 Spring - Team Coast went 1-17

2016 Summer - Echo Fox went 1-17

2015 Summer - Team Dragon Knights went 3-15

2017 Spring - Team EnVyUs went 3-15

League of Legends: Best and Worst league performances

Now if we look at the Korean league there were a lot of different teams who really showed up. SK Telecom more often than others. Griffin dominated the whole 2019. They went 15-3 in Spring and 13-5 in Summer. But the best score is held by SK Telecom T1, who went 17-1 in 2015 Summer. The worst score is held by Jin Air Green Wings, who went 0-18 in 2019 Summer, and 1-17 in 2019 Spring. Combined they had a result of 1-35 in 2019.

LCK Best

2015 Summer SK Telecom T1 went 17-1

2016 Spring ROX Tigers went 16-2

2017 Spring SK Telecom T1 went 16-2

2018 Spring Kingzone DragonX went 16-2

2020 Summer DAMWON Gaming went 16-2

LCK Worst

2019 Summer - Jin Air Green Wings went 0-18

2015 Summer - SBENU Sonicboom went 1-17

2016 Spring - Kongdoo Monster went 1-17

2019 Spring - Jin Air Green Wings went 1-17

2020 Summer - SeolHaeOne Prince went 1-17

League of Legends: Best and Worst league performances

Taking a look into China LPL. The only undefeated team was EDward Gaming, who went 16-0 in 2016 Summer. Invictus Gaming took second best performance with a few more games, 18-1 in 2018 Spring. The worst performance by Victory Five who did not win a single game and went 0-16 in 2020 Spring.

LPL Best

2016 Summer - EDward Gaming went 16-0

2018 Spring - Invictus Gaming went 18-1

2020 Spring - Invictus Gaming went 14-2

2019 Spring - FunPlus Phoenix went 13-2

2020 Summer - Top Esports went 13-3

LPL Worst

2020 Spring - Victory Five went 0-16

2016 Spring - Hyper Youth Gaming went 1-15

2016 Summer - Saint Gaming went 1-15

2020 Summer - Dominus Esports went 1-15

2019 Spring - Vici Gaming went 2-13

There are other regions too, but quite a few of them used formats that were hard to track and maybe its a story for another article. In this one we covered a few biggest and strongest regions.