Ahri was released 10 years ago on the 14th of December 2011. One of the oldest mages in the game, burst and mobility was her trade. We’ve seen old videos of Ahri one-shotting her victims with the old Deathfire Grasp item. We’ve seen silence with barely any one playing her. In this short article, I will go through some trivia and her competitive history. One of the staple characters in League of Legends.


  • Ahri has 14 skins. With the latest being released 110 days ago on 12th of August 2021.
  • Last changed in patch v11.11, May 26th of 2021.
  • Ahri is voiced by Laura Post.
  • Her dance references “RunDevilRun” by Korean girl group - Girls’ Generation.
  • Her name was decided by a poll held in Riot Games Korean website, which included six options: “Danbi” - Savior, “Nabi” - butterfly, “Ruri” - dazzle, “Ari” - graceful, “Chorong” - glittering and “Dasom” - loving.
  • Ahri is a member of a virtual KPOP band - K/DA.

Competitive History

2015 - 296 games 50.3% win rate

Since the reliable data began being tracked in 2015, this is our starting point. Ahri already was out for a long while before this date. So we kind of missed her young years in competitive play. Either way, 2015 was the most popular year for Ahri. almost 300 games with above 50% win rate.

Most played by H2k-Gaming’s Ryu - 18 games 83.3% win rate.

2016 - 68 games 47.1% win rate

Big dip in her popularity the next year. Win rate decrease also, seems to be a bad year for Ahri. Most played by Giants Gaming xPePii - 5 games with 0% win rate and LGD Gaming We1less - 5 games 60% win rate.

2017 - 174 games 48.9% win rate

Next year brought an improvement for the nine-tailed fox. Almost 200 games with an increase in win rate. Most played by CLG’s Huhi - 11 games 45.5% win rate.

2018 - 9 games 55.6% win rate

This is the year Ahri was pretty much forgotten. A handful of players still play her, but she was outshined by other and stronger mid laners. Most played by Suning Fury - 4 games 50% win rate.

2019 - 5 games 40% win rate

5 players that played her in 2019 - PowerOfEvil, Scout, Grace, Crown and xiye. The only two wins came from PowerOfEvil and Scout.

2020 - 2 games - 0% win rate

PowerOfEvil played both games. Sadly lost both of them.

2021 - 10 games 40% win rate

Again very few games. One game played and won by the only remaining long-term fan of hers - PowerOfEvil. But most played by Team Liquid’s Jensen - 3 games 66.7% win rate.