Group Stage 2 is finished!

League of Legends: League of Legends: 2021 MSI REVIEW pt.3

1st - DWG KIA - 8:2

2nd - Royal Never Give Up - 7:3

3rd - PSG Talon - 6:4

4th - MAD Lions - 5:5

5th - Cloud9 - 3:7

6th - Pentanet.GG - 1:9

We definitely did not predict a few teams correctly, not many people did. Even after the group stage is over, everyone still talks how “Cloud9 are way better than their score shows”. But later about that.

DWG KIA took first in the group. No surprise to anyone, both losses came to RNG, they beat everyone else 2:0. They looked shaky in a few games, but their superior macro and team fighting helped them beat everyone else.

RNG - main challengers to take it all. They already showed they have DWG’s number, they only need to get through to the final and it should be easy for them, right?

Not so fast, they will have to get past PSG Talon first. PSG Talon went 1:1 against RNG in the group stage, so anything can happen, even though RNG are a huge favorite going in.

PSG Talon are the surprise of the tournament. Playing with a loaned out ADC they showed massive improvement over time and played extremely well. They already showed they can hang in there with the best teams.

MAD Lions deservingly 4th place. They did not show to be better than RNG, even though they did beat them in their last game, after they wrote on twitter that fun time is over and they will play aggressive not only against weaker teams but against top teams too, it worked that time, will see if it works going further. They will have to get through DWG, a team they are yet to beat or have a competitive game against.

Cloud9 choked incredibly hard. As it seems like every year NA struggles internationally. There were reports that Perkz was dominating teams in scrims and yet he had very poor showing on stage. Something just never works for NA teams. This was another disappointing showing for their fans. They did show they have potential, as every NA team. They beat RNG, but then lost to Pentanet.GG next game to throw their chances at playoffs away.

Pentanet.GG a team that went without any wins, as everyone expected. They got to this stage, by some massive luck of the draw earlier in the tournament. Even though they showed they can perform in certain spots, most of their games were stomps. Well, except against Cloud9. They beat them and ruined their chances to advance further.

Knockout Stage:


We predict a good show from MAD Lions. While I think they have quite a reasonable chance to win the series, it would be foolish to bet against DWG. 3:1 or 3:2 is probably the best we can hope for. Basically everything the Lions tried to do to beat DAMWON, they did it worse. DAMWON had MAD Lions number every game they met. But there is one saving grace, that might just turn the tide. MAD Lions willingness to play a very aggressive early game, which already showed that DWG struggles against.

Royal Never Give Up -vs- PSG Talon

If PSG Talon won, it would be a huge upset. Everyone expects PSG to win a game or even maybe two, but no one would dare guess PSG will win the series. RNG is way too good to let this slip away from them. Only time will tell though, PSG came here to play and their growth and improvement was noticeable day after day. They will have a few days to prepare for RNG, we all might be surprised.