MSI is almost here. This article is basically here to catch you up if you missed the last few months of League of Legends competitive play and want to enjoy the tournament fully. There are quite a few storylines brewing. Lets jump into it, first, by listing the teams that will attend.

You might notice that group A only has 3 teams in it. That is not a typo. GAM Esports - from VCS could not attend due to COVID-19 related travel restrictions. So Group A will basically have two teams competing for second place, Pentanet.GG and Unicorns of Love.

Group B holds the European MAD Lions. Surprise winners of LEC will try to prove that they are not a one trick pony and can show up internationally. They had a very poor showing in 2020 Worlds so this is their time to redeem themselves.

Group C is this years group of death. Kind of. No one really expects anyone to beat DWG KIA. Who are massive favorites to win the entire thing easily. They won the 2020 World Championship, went home and dominated the regular split too. No one seems to be able to stop them.

Previous winners of MSI:


1st - EDward Gaming

2nd - SK Telecom T1

3rd - Fnatic / ahq eSports Club


1st - SK Telecom T1

2nd - CLG

3rd - RNG / Flash Wolves


1st - RNG

2nd - Kingzone DragonX

3rd - Fnatic / Flash Wolves


1st - G2 Esports

2nd - Team Liquid

3rd - Invictus Gaming / SK Telecom T1

And 2020 MSI was canceled due to COVID19 outbreak.