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Last week we compared the champion meta between LCS and LEC. But now after a few weeks have passed, there are two MID players that stand out. Both at 100% win-rate after 6 games so far. Nisqy plays for LCS and Perkz for LEC. Expect new infographics every week. If you have ideas and suggestions of what you want to see, let us know in the comments!

  • Perkz from Croatia - G2 Esports. Joined the scene in 2014, played in only 4 different teams before finding his home.

Team history:

2014 - GSI Gaming

2015 - Gamers2 / Millenium

2015 - G2 Esports

  • Nisqy from Belgium - Cloud9. Joined the scene in 2015, played in quite a few different teams in various regions.

Team history:

2015 - PunchLine Esports Club / InFamouS Esport

2016 - E-corp Gaming / Melty eSport Club / Team Orora / Team-LDLC / Fnatic Academy

2017 - Team EnVyUs / Splyce / Cloud9

Perkz boasts more overall kills, but from playing more aggressive, his death count is also higher. So Nisqy has slightly higher KDA. Perkz also earns a bit more gold and has higher Kill Participation. Both players played AD and AP champions in the mid lane. Both are extremely dangerous and not yet defeated in their regions!

LCS/LEC Leading MID players

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