Greetings, for this week I decided to just slack a bit and just look at the highest numbers, without really breaking my brain trying to figure out what they mean.

I took data from June. (Across any patches, I didn’t care, I just took June month) EUW, Ranked only Diamond elo. I saw that we have scanned 172k games that fit these filters. And these are the numbers.

JUNE League of Legends wrap up!

Aurelion Sol has the highest win rate, while barely being played. He remains the one-trick champion.
Yuumi is still the most banned champion in the game. She is banned in almost 80% of champ selections.

Ezreal is the most picked ADC still. Not surprised Lulu is in there, I played her a ton myself. She jumped up the ranks in recent weeks.

And then there is Tahm Kench, the lowest pick rate and one of the lowest win rates. Riot does indeed hate frogs.