We analyzed almost 400 000 games from April. (Server: EUW / Game Mode: Ranked) straight from RIOT API.

We wanted to see how dragons and dragon souls influence win rates in a solo queue.

Infographic Various Dragon win rate

At first, we wanted to compare between elo brackets. We had one bracket consisting of Iron-Gold players and another of Platinum+. But both brackets showed very close results, so we just merged them together.
First of all, the team that took any first dragon of the game won 62.6% of the time.

Next, we checked how many dragons were killed in total. We kinda wanted to check if our stats are correct. Since the spawn rate of dragons is random, they should be really close to each other, which was correct.

Also, Elder Dragon was killed a very low amount of time. Most games never see him dead.

Now the dragon soul. This statistic was very surprising to me, because winrate after taking a dragon soul, was very close between dragon souls. I thought that one type of dragon soul would offer a higher win rate, but as it turns out, once the team was in a position to take the dragon soul, their win rate already was close to 80% . But even said that, Cloud Drake still has the lowest win rate out of all dragon souls.