Two teams currently sharing number one spot in LEC. Both are very scare in their own ways. First time they met, MAD won their heads-up game. They will play again in two weeks. For now they battle out against other teams. I wanted to compare the players right now, without going into a lot of details, this is not meant to be a very analytical comparison.

TOP lane seems very equal. Even though MAD top laner - Orome has a bit higher KDA, they have almost the same amount of career games.

MID+JUNGLE seem to favor ROGUE players Inspired and Larssen. They have insanely high KDA’s so far. And Inspired has the highest career win % in the entire team.

There is an interesting story in the bottom lane too. Rogue has Vander, who is by far the most experienced player on the team. But MAD bot lane seems to destroy everyone they come against recently.

Infographic: ROGUE vs. MAD