LCS & LEC Meta Picks. EU destroys NA with LeBlanc win rate!

Greetings Summoners! Last week we released an infographic introducing the teams alongside some predictions. But this week, no time for all that, we have the actual data from the first two weeks of competitive play to analyse.

Expect new info-graphics every week and if you have suggestions or want something to see, leave a comment!

After two weeks, 20 games were played in LEC & LCS. One champion stood out as being banned in all of the games in both leagues - Akali. 40 bans out of 40 games!

And now the competitive tier list:

  • TOP LANE - Aatrox, Ornn, Gangplank

Both regions had the same three most picked champions, although LCS loved Aatrox top and picked him most, LEC gave a small priority to Ornn.

  • JUNGLE - Jarvan , Lee Sin, Gragas

There was some variance in the jungle preference by the regions. LCS played a lot of Lee Sin  and LEC played a lot of Gragas, but Jarvan was consistently picked in second place in both regions.

  • MID - LeBlanc , Zoe

Two champions stand out in the MID lane meta and its LeBlanc and Zoe.

While both regions played LeBlanc 7 times each, LEC had way more success with the champion at 57% win rate. While LCS had only 14%.

LCS also preferred some control mages in the mid lane like Oriana and Syndra, while LEC chose assassins like Qiyana and Pantheon.

  • ADC - Senna, Aphelios, Xayah.

Very few ADC's seem viable by the pro's. Senna is very dominant with 25 games. Second comes in Aphelios with 19 games. For the third place there is some variance, players chose either Miss Fortune or Xayah with 12 and 13 games respectively.

  • SUPPORT - Rakan, Tahm Kench, Braum.

Rakan is the most consistent pick between the two regions, but the most popular support pick differs widely. LEC played Braum the most - 14 games, while LCS played him 4 games. And on the other hand, LCS played Tahm Kench 10 games and LEC picked him only twice.

LCS & LEC Meta Picks

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