No one can doubt, Doublelift is one of the most recognizable faces of League of Legends. A decade of playing in various teams and tournaments. From the very first World Championship as support, to World Championships now as ADC.

Infographic: Doublelift

I will let the stats speak for themselves. Very successful in his own region. The only area he is lacking alongside NA is a strong performance on the World's stage.

Doublelift has 10 pentakils, 4 of which were achieved on Ezreal.

Videos (two of the IPL pentakills are gone from youtube):

Sivir pentakill

Ezreal pentakill #4

Jinx pentakill #2

Ashe pentakill

Jinx pentakill #1

Ezreal pentakill #3

Ezreal pentakill #1

Graves pentakill