Greetings Summoners!
Another infographic, this week dedicated to one of the most iconic players the western world ever had. Started his League of Legends journey at a very young age. He couldn’t even play in EULCS back when it started, because he was too young. But I remember his return to the team quite well. I was unfortunately for me, in the team that faced Copenhagen Wolves when Bjergsen came back after his 17th birthday. This was the game Copenhagen Wolves went from being 0:8 to having a win. And in what spectacular fashion, Bjergsen getting his first Pentakill on stage.

Now at 24 years old, this player from Denmark, playing for Team SoloMid and residing in NA. 606 Career games, thousands of kills and 4 penta kills. Wanted to show appreciation of a player who grew up and matured alongside League of Legends esports scene.


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