Caps, joined the scene in early 2015, being only 15 at the time. He played for a few different teams over the next few years, until eventually he was picked up by Fnatic and quite quickly, people noticed that this is not just one of the mids from EU, but probably THE MID from EU.

His dominance, however, started when he was recruited by G2 in late 2018.

Caps played in three Worlds, finishing 9/11th, 3/4th and 2nd respectively. Every year improving with only one goal in sight for the future.

Currently playing for G2 in Bot role (as of this spring split). Where he is being named either Craps or Claps, depending how he plays. He has a 100% win rate over 5 games on Senna and Ezreal. He also was undefeated on 20 champions. (Even though he played 1-2 games on most of them)

Caps has three official Pentakills under his belt, one recently as ADC and two from MID lane.

Infographic 14 - Caps

2020-04-12 - Ezreal

2019-05-18 - Akali

2016-06-28 - Aurelion Sol

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