sOAZ, nicknamed “La Baguette” by some French fans, is one of the longest-playing players in League of Legends history.

His career in gaming started with Counter-Strike 1.6 and later Dota. After he moved to League of Legends in Season 1, he was originally a Mid laner, but quickly became known for his Top lane prowess. Known for his aggressive play style and insane escapes in high pressure moments, no one can deny this player is one of the best Top players Europe ever seen. sOAZ played in EU for most of his career, just recently he traveled to NA to play for IMMORTALS. sOAZ also has competed in Worlds 6 times!

Infographic 12 - sOAZ


2015-10-15 Worlds 2015 - Darius

sOAZ escapes:

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