Today I bring you an infographic about Jankos. Seems fitting, since he just won Player of the Split award in LEC Spring 2020! Currently at age of 24, playing for G2 Esports. He first entered the scene in 2013 after playing on NA servers and being noticed by a few high elo players. After swapping a few teams in 2013, his first team that he stayed for a long time was Team ROCCAT. He played there from January 2014 to December 2015. After that, he returned to H2k-Gaming and played there for almost two years until eventually joining G2 Esports.

Multiple worlds appearances, a ton of official LEC games. Named the first blood king, it’s hard to think of a player more dominant in the jungle than Jankos.

Infographic 11 - Jankos

  • The 2nd player to reach 1000 kills in the LEC after Rekkles.
  • The 2nd player to reach 2500 assists in the LEC after Hylissang.
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