Time to review one of the most iconic and well known EU MIDS - xPeke. From the legendary backdoor to legendary 1x1 outplays. Since a lot of time passed from when Enrique was active as a player, I gathered data from every official match played for career stats. And then did two extra tabs Worlds / EULCS to show the display performance over time.

Infographic 10 - xPeke

I always include TOP 5 most played champions of players, but there is one champion I still want to mention: Zed. Even though xPeke played Zed 12 times, he won 10 of them with a 83.3% win rate. One of the highlights is also on this champion. xPeke to my surprise, has no official pentakills.

The famous xPeke backdoor, known as “The xPeke”:

Zed outplay at Worlds 2014:

Orianna shockwave from Worlds 2015:

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