New season is underway, the professional leagues have also started. Let's see if the solo queue has any new interesting picks with a high win rate.

LoL Tier List. Patch 11.2

TOP Lane:

Not a lot of news in TOP lane. Garen, Cho’Gath and Nasus are still on top. Urgot moved down by one place to make room for Illaoi, who was in the top 5 a few months ago.

LoL Tier List. Patch 11.2


Rammus, Nunu dominating. Nocturne with Warwick made an appearance again. Slightly cheaper lethality items might have something to do with Nocturne?

LoL Tier List. Patch 11.2

MID Lane:

Annie showed up in the top 5. It’s been a while, her pick-rate is quite low, but she made the list with win rate and popularity this week!

LoL Tier List. Patch 11.2


Absolutely dead role! No real changes for months now. Same few champions are in basically every game with a few of the “highest win rate champions” barely reaching win rates above 50%.

LoL Tier List. Patch 11.2


And all of a sudden, Brand is in first place yet again. Mostly poke supports with the exception of Nami. Well, she can poke a bit too I guess. But Brand, Maokai and Seraphine dominated the leaderboard. With most spotlight being on Seraphine.