This week's tier list has a few new champions.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.21

TOP Lane:

Yorick jumped up a bit, he is currently number one. Sion received a bump, not sure if more people started playing him after seeing Sion perform at worlds, or the latest patch was good for him :)

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.21


Jungle is still dominated by Vi and Rammus. Fiddlesticks are on the rise with almost 1% win rate increase.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.21

MID Lane:

Vel’Koz seems to be undisputed. Annie is still up there. Lux win rate basically didn’t move. The only surprise here is Diana with a 1.28% win rate increase and dash to the top 5.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.21


The only new ADC in the list is Senna.Jhin and Miss Fortune still at the top with Jinx and Ashe behind them.

LoL Tier List. Patch 10.21


The only role that has not seen any new champions. Janna jumped a bit higher than everyone else, but no surprises here.