Greetings summoners!

Just like every week, a brand new infographic! This time I want to compare the two most talked about players from last week. FORG1VEN and Innaxe. After a massive win of Schalke 04 versus G2 Esports, we all saw the memes about how "FORG1VEN was the problem". I will not give you an answer if that was true or not, what i can offer you is some stats and history.

FORG1VEN vs INNAXE, was FORG1VEN the problem?


A very long history full of different teams, drama, domination and failures. Honestly it would take 3 infographics just to portrait the history of this fascinating player. Every split of European LCS he played was in a different team due to a lot of circumstances that I wont get into right now.

Obviously ADC is not a role you can just play solo most of the games. ADC's usually have better stats when their team is winning and worse when the team is not doing so well. But FORG1VEN showed that no matter what his team is, at least his farming was always above the average of his current opposition. Often times, he was at the very top of these stats.


Innaxe had a bit shorter history than forgiven, and fought his way up to the scene through what we might call a bit weaker leagues, but he constantly showed that he can beat his opposition. LEC might be a more difficult challenge, after just two games played against a few very strong teams, he is slightly below the averages of his competition in the region. But considering the strength of his opponents in his first week, I think those stats will improve drastically over the upcoming weeks.