Greetings, since Fiddlestick rework, I was wondering how this champion will perform. He even received a slight buff in 10.9 patch. So this infographic is dedicated to one of my first mains - Fiddlesticks.

First the Pick/Ban/Win rates

Pick rate slightly decreased, would make sense, since a lot of people tried him after rework.

Ban rate decreased slightly, also, more people get comfortable with playing against a champion, they won’t fear him as much.

Win rate - increased. Which makes complete sense. Only people that stuck playing Fiddlesticks are the ones that invested time. Plus the slight buffs to him, must have helped too.

Roles played

Quite a few people played fiddlesticks in the Support role before the rework, so he definitely received a lot of play there, but no wonder we see it decrease. Though not as much as I would have expected. I don’t think current Fiddlesticks works well in Support role.

Undefined - there were quite a few games, where enemies swapped or played him as “Adc” but with smite, so clearly that information we chose to ignore, because that just meant people were swapping around. Even though a few players tried to play him in Top / Mid lanes, we chose to ignore those stats for the most part.

Summoner spells

Flash + Smite the most common ones, makes sense since Fiddlesticks is most played in the Jungle.


It is hard to draw any conclusions based on items bought and win rate, because basically everyone bought the same core item build and the win rate change between them was not significant enough. We can say for certain though, that the ONE PERSON who bought Berserker Greaves in 10.9 won the game. (note. We did not scan every single game played, just close to 500 000 over two patches)

We can also give confident advice, that Zhonyas + Sorcerer’s Shoes is a powerful combo on FIddlesticks. Also, Rabadon’s Deathcap performed really well and has quite a high win rate when people bought it. Probably means that when people were ahead, they bought it to “seal the deal” and finished the game.

Fiddlesticks 10.8 vs 10.9 performance