Auto Rune select!

Players can now choose to let GOSU.AI automatically select best runes for their champion. You won't have to look up the correct runes somewhere on the internet. GOSU.AI will analyse a lot of games played by the player base and select the highest win-rate runes!

Auto Summoner Spell select!

Another neat feature for players, always auto-select the best summoner spells for your champion. You can select your preferred flash key in the settings menu.

Custom Item Sets!

GOSU.AI will now import custom item sets for your champions. They will be kept up to date. You will always know which items offer the best win-rate for your champions.

All of these new features can be disabled in the settings menu!

Changelog v0.5.0

👉 Getting a detailed match analysis is the first step towards improving your skills. GOSU AI Assistant can provide a pre and post-match analysis of your performance and suggest personal recommendations 👉