A bit more than a week into 10.10 patch and I wanted to compare the win / ban / pick rates of champions that got either buffed or nerfed.

I thought it might be curious to see, if changes to champions made by RIOT accomplished what their goal was.

And looking at the results it seems they did.
We analyzed 135000 games from patch 10.9 and 60000 games patch 10.10 (Both only Ranked / EUW). These are the results.

Every single champion that got buffed, saw a win rate increase except Nidalee. She for some reason, was played more, even banned more, but the winrate simply didn’t translate. Maybe a few people tried her out for the first time and did not quite do that well, or maybe the changes weren't enough? Most notable differences came to Soraka. Her win rate, pick rate and ban rate quite noticeable increases.

10.10 Patch  Performance

Story with champions that got nerfed, seems very similar. Every champion lost a bit of their win rate. The only statistic that stood out was Kayn ban rate. I have no idea how to explain that. Maybe some other junglers dropped out of the meta and people played more Kayn even though he got nerfed and other players just did not want to play versus him?