The Summer split of both LCS and LEC is under way. Three weeks of games are completed and we already have a few top dogs!

Best teams in LCS and LEC after 3 weeks!

In LEC, they are MAD Lions.

After a reasonable showing in the spring split, where they finished 4th and had a great series versus G2 Esports  in the playoffs. Mad Lions proved that they improved even further by now being first in the standings with a result of 6 wins and 1 loss.
They are the wildcard this summer in Europe. Everyone is closely watching, will MAD Lions continue their dominance or the somewhat slumping G2 Esports and Fnatics will step up again?

Best teams in LCS and LEC after 3 weeks!

In LCS is all about Cloud9.

Currently, number one with 6 wins and 0 losses. They swept spring split too with 17wins 1 loss. It doesn’t look like anyone can stop them right now. While MAD Lions on the Europe side has quite a few rookies, C9 players have a lot more career games under their belt.