I was curious if there would be any visible changes to win rate of ADC’s after the controversial “ADC BUFF” in Patch 10.11

The data will not be ideal. I am still not sure what is the best way to filter by elo. Right now this is the data, you can come to your own conclusions.

We only use games from EUW, ranked.
We use data from games only that have platinum 4 as the minimum rank in the game. (That means if some silver elo player with very high MMR finds his way in diamond games, those won’t be counted) We had 146k games in patch 10.10 and 70k in 10.11.

Now I do not want to draw any conclusions, because I don’t know enough about statistics or even how to draw conclusions. I am just a guy who does this as a side project since I got the opportunity to see this data straight from riot API.

Now my opinion, the difference is just not there. Only 3 champions saw win rate change by more than 1% all other champions stayed within 1%, which probably is well in between margin of error. Either way : Aphelios, Jhin, Jinx saw the highest increases in win rate.
I wonder how much of an impact patch notes had on Jinx win rate, or can this be attributed to Lulu being played a ton more and just empowering this late game carry to its fuller potential?

All in all, in my opinion, bot lane, both adc and support have way bigger issues than 30hp buff might ever fix. So I don’t think the buff did what it was supposed to do.

ADC before/after buff performance