Hello, summoners.

Is that the famous rock band Iron Maiden coming to the Rift? Is that Camille on top of Hecarim? Today is the day you are going to get the answer.

Rell, the iron maiden is the latest addition to the list of champions in the League. She is an angry teenaged who has harnessed the power of metal bending, and someone you really do not want to mess with.

She is the only true tank support released after the release of Braum back in late 2014. And with the Sunfire Aegis being busted on the rift, we truly needed a champion that could shred the armor and magic resist. And Rell is here to the rescue.


Rell has undoubtedly one of the engaging lore in the game. But due to the massive changes in the preseason, it has gotten less attention than it deserves.

She is from Noxus. Noxus is a place where the only thing that matters is strength. And in Noxus, every kind of magic eventually is turned into a weapon used for further destruction.

Rell was born with the power to bend and control metal. And this is the very first time we get to witness a metal bender in the game. The closest resemblance of this magic would be Taliyah with her earth bending.

That means anyone who is wearing armor is no match for her.

Earlier in her life, she went to school to learn how to fully control her metal bending. After seeing her power, they made her train against her friends. They also took the magic and emotions from all her classmates and put it inside her to create the ultimate weapon.

But once she found out the truth, she tore everything down and set her life’s mission to help anyone who is also a victim of the black rosé academy.

Now that we know about her story, let us dive right into the gameplay.

Passive – Break the mold

Whenever she auto attacks any enemy champion, she steals some of their armor and magic resist. And the great news is, they also stack. So, in a team fight, you can stack your autos and be even tankier than a Leona and a Braum together.

Q- Shattering strikes

With q, she pokes forward with her lance and breaks the shields of the enemy she hits. If she is bound to her ally with her E, she and her ally both heals.

W- Ferromancy: crash down/ mount up

As you can see, she has two forms. One where she is riding the horse, and in another, she is walking slowly on her feet. The w is used to switch between the two.

When you use w, you knock up all enemies in the area and crash down to your feet. In this form, you are extremely slow and tanky.

E- Attract and repel

She picks an ally like Taric’s w or Kalista’s passives, and grants them bonus tanks stats when they are near you. When you press it again, any enemy between you two will get stunned.

R– Magnet storm

With her Ultimate, she summons a storm around her that pulls enemies around her for a few seconds. But the enemy champions can still use abilities. So, this is basically a glorified AOE Skarner’s R where enemies can use abilities.

She is a very tanky champion. But due to the massive changes in the new season, it is still hard to say for sure how she will perform. So stay tuned to get more updates on the champion soon.